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With years of real life experience in operating trade businesses, commerce and working for Simpro UK, Job Management Solutions provides practical help so you can get the best from your Simpro system.

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Job Management Solutions 

is a Simpro authorised consultancy

Job Management Solutions supports Simpro users by drawing on our long-term experience as former Simpro UK employees, users and FM business operators and the team’s years of experience in operating businesses in the UK and globally.

Here at Job Management Solutions we bring a unique blend of experience and expertise to help solve your Simpro challenges.

We’re committed to enhancing your user experience, optimising your workflows, and ensuring that your investment in Simpro yields the maximum return.

Let Job Management Solutions help you thrive and grow with Simpro.

We have experienced Simpro from most angles – as field operators and managers, so we absolutely understand the system and how to translate it to the results that you expect.

Having encountered and grappled with many of the same issues, our first-hand knowledge gives us a deep understanding of what’s needed and allows us to offer practical, real-world solutions.


  • How does Simpro, Field Service Management Software, assist us to manage customer assets for servicing requirements?
    Simpro will assist you in managing the customer asset by recording all the details needed such as Make Model, Manufacturer, Serial Number and Location using what is called custom fields as well as service dates and previous service data. Simpro can also remind you when jobs are due using reoccurring jobs or Maintenance Planner to make sure you don't miss any billable job.
  • How can we ensure that the installer / engineer records that they have read and understood the RAMS and COSSH documents for the job, before they start the Job, this is an example of job tracking software reducing risks and creating an audit trail for jobs?
    Installers and Engineers can have the Simpro Mobile App set to confirm their acknowledgment of RAMS and/or COSHH documents before proceeding with any work. This ensures that engineers are well-informed and compliant with safety protocols before undertaking tasks. Failure to acknowledge these documents restricts engineers from advancing with their work assignments. Each business can customize these audit questions for the Installers / Engineers to answer.
  • When an Engineers completes a job, can we confirm that the site has been left clean and tidy and capture the customer's satisfaction and their signatures?
    You can create a workflow that ensures that the installers using Simpro Mobile app captures site images post job, to ensure that the site is left clean and tidy and the system/asset is now operating correctly. You can and also gain customer signatures whist on site. This can assist when invoicing the job as site have confirmed that they are happy with the work. This is a practical method to reduce paperwork in field service.
  • Is it possible to send emails through Simpro?
    Yes, Simpro enables direct emailing to clients, ensuring that all communications are stored for audit purposes. This has the added benefit of logging communication within the client file, eliminating the need to search or maintain separate copies of emails in Outlook. This is an example of how field service automation platform, such as Simpro, can assist with client and office communication.
  • Is it possible to record and demonstrate employees' professional Training and Certifications on Simpro?
    Indeed, Simpro will store all Certificates within the Employee records and add any expiry dates, sending you an alert, so that you do not have to remember them! You are also able to add engineer certificates to jobs so that the client can inspect certificates online 24/7/365, which could prevent engineers from being sent off-site.
  • Can Simpro send me alerts when something is happening or needs to happen?
    Yes Simpro can alert you to many events, such as a new lead added, new job started, to job completed and invoice needs creating and can send out automatic emails to customers regarding job status, invoices due and much much more. Internally, you may use notifications or alerts to highlight an action that is needed, say off hiring plant equipment when the job is finished.
  • Is it possible to generate a purchase order (PO) from a mobile device, so that we can keep a record of all job costs?
    Yes you can. Simpro can be a mobile workforce dispatch tool. Using Simpro mobile Security settings, Engineers are able to raise a PO in the field on their mobile app. This PO will then sit within the Job capturing the costs of materials booked from the info held in the catalogue. This is an example where Simpro can reduce paperwork in field service.
  • Can Simpro help me chase up outstanding invoices and leads?
    Absolutely. Yes Simpro can help you with this. Using Notifications you can create a workflow that is based on when an invoice should be paid and email customers reminders and send chases up emails for invoices that are over due. Notifications can also be used for emails to potential customers regarding leads that are in Simpro or Quotes. All notifications are created individually allowing you to customize the content. This is an example where Simpro can reduce administrational tasks.
  • How can Simpro help me keep track of all our Plant and Equipment of who has what and where?
    Simpro can hold all your plant and equipment details. This equipment is then signed out to engineers and signed back in when a job has been completed. Simpro will also remind you when the Plant or Equipment need its annual service or PAT testing. This ensures you know who has what equipment. This of controlled process promotes heightened accountability. Moreover, the system Simpro can incorporate service intervals such as MOTs for vans providing a holistic approach to equipment management and maintenance. This is an example where Simpro helps you with inventory management for service technicians.
  • How can we reduce repetitive administration tasks and increase automation in our business?
    Here at Job Management Solutions, we help companies map their current workflows, identifying duplication and possibilities for automation. This enables staff to spend more time on income-generating activities. In Simpro you can clarify roles, who performs tasks and when they should be created, without the need for the staff having to remember as the system will automate the workflow. It provides visibility into the overall workflow and ensures that the processes are followed consistently.
  • How can I keep staff notified of what needs to be actioned and when, if they are in the office or in the field.
    Simpro has the ability to use task staff with specific actions, for internal, sales, or installations purposes. Staff can read these tasks via the office system or on mobile or via email. They will also show in a reminders list to prompt staff to complete, if they become overdue. These tasks are timely, so users know what to do and when which helps manage tasks better and keeps track of who is responsible for what. Simpro also serves as a custom job report generator improving job scheduling efficiency in your company.
  • Should we schedule Contractors as well as our Engineers?
    Here at Job Management Solutions, we suggest that you schedule both Contractors and Employees for jobs using Simpro mobile. This will show you on a Schedule calender who is available and when so that you can slot jobs around the current planning, excellent for companies that Service and Maintain equipment manage breakdowns and call outs. Scheduling enables you to track how much time has been spent on the job, and using Simpro Mobile, capture images and data directly from the field into the system, reducing duplication. For compliance you can have the installers complete a pre-work job audit. Scheduling Employees impact in your job profitability and will show in the reports.
  • Can we use our existing quotes, and invoice documents and others we have already designed in Simpro?
    Yes, Simpro can be used as invoice and payment management software. Using a feature called Form Builder in Simpro, you can re-create your existing documents template like invoices, job cards, and quotes to meet your business's specific needs. We have helped many customers with creating their own forms ensuring continuity of brand and messages from you.
  • How can I control the data that staff see and are focused on their responsibilities within Simpro?
    Simpro has settings for different roles: For example, Owners can see everything. We can identify with you what staff members should see and set the Security Profiles in Simpro accordingly. Many of our clients have multiple Security Profile settings reflecting their business structure and protecting the company data. For example, only Owners may be able to delete records, staff can archive, protecting the business.
  • Can Simpro help with my company's internal communication?
    Absolutely! Simpro can help improve communication in many ways, both internally and externally. One example of internal communication improvement is by allowing engineers to create, view, and with the customer, approve the quote online. This decreases the need to manage emails and simplifies record-keeping. Another example would be how Simpro can send messages to the customers reminding them when a job is due and when the engineer will arrive for the appointment. This helps reduce appointment no shows as the customer is aware that the engineer is due.
  • We have invoices that need chasing for payment and we are spending a lot of time on this activity, can Simpro help?
    We all know that cash flow is vital and we can help you set up Simpro to send automated email reminders to customers before the payment due date, on the due date, and after the due date if the invoice remains unpaid. We can also set up the terms of payment in for each customer, say 7 days from invoice date, and this setting will trigger the system status to if its overdue or not.
  • Can Simpro help us with working hours and overtime tracking for engineers?
    Simpro can be used as job management reporting tool. It provides a feature to schedule and monitor on-site engineers' standard working hours and to clearly define and show the start of overtime periods for effective time management and payroll processing. This feature reduces manual scheduling system.
  • We use Sub Contractors. How can we control the costs on jobs to ensure that we do not receive 'surprise' invoices once the job has been completed? Can Simpro help with enhancing contractor client management system?
    We can use Simpro as a job tracking software for contractors. It can generate Work Orders (WO) , these operate in the same way as Purchase Orders. You create a WO and email it to the subcontractors detailing the job and the price agreed for the work. The WO is then added to the project and the Sub Contractor invoices against the WO when job is finished. It helps with contractor time tracking solutions.
  • Can Simpro be used for real-time management of servicing tasks in the field?
    Yes, Simpro can be used as a field service productivity tool. Simpro's Service module enables field technicians to use Simpro Mobile for accessing up-to-date project details, managing quotes and jobs on the go, logging times, using parts, handling documents, and emailing job cards. The schedule in the Service module shows all daily tasks and allows for updates and the creation of new activities in real time.
  • Can Simpro automate the processing of job requests and documents such as invoices received via email?
    Simpro's Data Feed feature automatically extracts and processes data from emails and attachments sent to specific inboxes, creating work orders and records in Simpro. This includes setting up different applications for various types of documents or emails from specific sources, such as customer job requests or supplier purchase order receipts, ensuring that each is handled appropriately based on its format and origin. This will reduce manual handing and data entry.
  • Can my customers access Simpro directly?
    Yes! There is a feature in Simpro called Customer Portal that offers a secure platform for customers to view their quotes, jobs, invoices, and account statements. It also allows them to update their personal, site, and contact details directly within the portal for convenience and efficiency. You control the amount of data that they can see and who can see what within the portal, ie your customers finance department may want to see invoices, but they don't want Contract Managers (CM) to see this, CM's can send jobs and requests for quotes.
  • Can Simpro assist us in managing potential business opportunities?
    With Simpro's leads feature, users can effectively manage potential business opportunities by creating leads. Depending on the outcome, a lead can be converted into an actual project or task if successful, or marked as closed if the opportunity is not pursued. Simpro can also be connected with CRM engines via their API should you wish to.
  • Can Simpro help in managing and monitoring stocks?
    Yes! Simpro can be used as maintenance planner allowing users to track inventory and job-assigned stock through reports, view stock transfers, and identify unassigned stock and duplicate or inactive catalogue items. You are also able to view existing stock before you raise a PO for materials for a new job.

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John was brought into review the way we were using Simpro and to then recommend a plan of action to improve the company's processes to maximise Simpro. The company has experienced rapid growth over the last 12 months and along with the action plan to improve our processes, there was also a need to review training requirements on Simpro.

John walked into the office on his first day and the impact was instant. He got as many colleagues around the table as possible and we all talked and he “listened”. It became very clear early on that John is a “People Person” and quickly gains their trust through his knowledge of Simpro and SME businesses and his pleasant personality.

After speaking to all area’s of the business, a plan was put into place, which included new area’s within Simpro that have benefited the business and a comprehensive training plan.

The business is now more focused on using Simpro to its full potential and colleagues and the business are seeing and feeling the benefits of John’s recommendations. We are all in anticipation of John returning to the business in the future, to review and progress.

Warehouse Manager


You’ve been really helpful throughout for me. Whenever I have raised a query or wanted to know how to do something – you have come back to me, and we’ve worked it through together which is the best way to learn. It’s interesting to see how SimPRO is working for us as a company. Personally, I like to set up tasks – mainly for me in all honesty as a reminder of things which I need to complete – whether that is RAMS, O & Ms or setting up a site survey etc., having the reminder there on the system and in my emails is ideal. This does extend to other members of the team and I’m finding it really worthwhile.



It has also been a pleasure to work with yourself. I can speak for both me and David when I say that the help has been invaluable. We feel like we have got a better understanding of the system and how to use it. And would like to thank you for all your help and advise with all aspects not just Simpro.

Finance Director


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